CALIRUB Green Topical Pain Relief
CALIRUB Green Topical Pain Relief
CALIRUB Green Topical Pain Relief
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CALIRUB Green Topical Pain Relief

Calirub | Topical Pain Relief
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Enjoy organic, lab tested full spectrum hemp CBD relief with CALIRUB balm ( USA Farm Bil 2018 compliant ) with a heavenly scent! . Massage into problem areas as needed and repeat as necessary. Discover its added moisturizing effects in 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 oz. sizes! . 

We blend CALIRUB Green with 10 essential oils and organic beeswax to create a heavenly scent with the benefits of aromatherapy healing. The formula is made to penetrate the skin and deliver pain relieving CBD to muscle and tissues.

    • How to Use

      Apply externally. Re-apply as needed.

      Massage CALIRUB into your sore muscles or apply to your minor scrapes and cuts after thoroughly washing. After a good workout at the gym,  treat your sore muscles to a relaxing massage. Take CALIRUB Green salve with CBD with you everywhere you go to ward off insects while camping or on a nature walk. CALIRUB provides long lasting moisture to soften and nourish your skin, even those rough callouses!


    100 mg CBD from lab tested full spectrum organic hemp and Organic olive oil, USDA Certified Beeswax, USDA Certified Lavandin, USDA Certified Lemongrass, USDA Certified Sweet Orange, USDA Certified Scotch Pine, USDA Certified Patchouli, USDA Certified Clove Bud, Organic Gardenia Enfleurage, Wildcrafted Allspice, Wildcrafted Bay West Indies, Wildcrafted Elemi.

    USE: Topical application: Cautions: Reconsider using this product if you are allergic to any of the following ingredients.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Sue Miller

    I have many joints that hurt regular..used many products over the years..the Cali rub has a nice light smell ..most others have strong smell.. it works quickly also gives me relief ..very glad I now have use of this cream..

    Barbara Williams
    Smells wonderful, works great!

    I’ve been using Calirub for several years since a friend gave me a sample. I use it mostly on my neck and shoulders but also occasionally lower back.
    I have a compressed nerve in my neck which occasionally is quite painful & Calirub relieves the muscle tension.
    I’ve used other products with some results. But Calirub works much better. Other products smell really bad, too. I don’t want the smell on my sheets or on my clothing in public. I actually got compliments from coworkers on the smell. So floral! I no longer use other products.
    My husband uses it to for golfing related strained muscles. We’ve even gotten some fur his golfing pals. They are believers!
    I was so happy to see them back in business after the Camp Fire.

    Kristen McWilliams
    Best Stuff Ever!

    I just love EVERYTHING about Calirub!
    The smell is amazing and it helps so much on my trigger finger & Carpal Tunnel...
    Im definitely a happy customer!🥰

    lia Deitrick/Anthony
    Calirub green

    Absolutely amazing. Have bought for myself and family members and will continue to do so.

    Yvonne Martinez

    I have a hip replacement & Knee replacement, I work retail and am on my feet for 8 hours a day and I just love Calirub! I rub on my legs and feet and I am relieved!! I don't have to take my anti-inflametory drugs anymore!! Calirub is just the best!!
    I also use when I can't sleep and rub on my temples and back of my neck, works wonders!! Overall this is the best product for pain relief that I have ever used!!
    Thank you CALIRUB!!

    Welcome Newcomer