CALIRUB Deep Discounts

Qualify for Deep Discounts!

Calling all professionals! Give your clients the benefit of CALIRUB, an exclusive line of high quality organic, herbal, and essential oil infused products. Ideal for massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, spa, and salon owners to share with their clients. We have heavenly aromatic formulas designed to moisturize, heal and provide pain relief.

Become a Part of our CALIRUB Family Tree.

We love professionals and Independent family of friends. All are welcome. Join us and create your own family network of lovers of CALIRUB. It works a lot like this. Someone buys or is gifted CALIRUB. Once it works for them, they share with their friends, family, or customers. It becomes a network of sharing and a desire to help others. Many of our Distributors are also independent folks who like to purchase in large quantities. They do so to help others. They can share CALIRUB at a lower cost to them. To qualify as a New Distributor, and receive Deep Discounts, is easy. You too can share our organic, wildcrafted topicals and remedies!

  1. Buy our Deep Discount Kit. This is an initial suggested starter kit. It has the complete line of our products. A simple way to purchase the minimum amount to which guarantees that you will receive our initial Deep Discounts. And you can even send a link to friends for them to purchase the kit. Simple. Clean. Easy.
  2. For New and existing Distributors we will send you a code to purchase future orders and allow you to create your own personalized order for your customers. Each time you log in every product will be discounted. You just have to remember to buy through your code and place a minimum order of $350.00
  3. To receive your future personalized selection of products, once you sign up to receive "Deep Discounts", you will receive an email with instructions on how to create an account and your code. (Give us 24 hours to respond, or call us at 530 492 6585. Xena will assist you with the best solutions for you. Thanks!)
  4. Once signed up Log in with your user name and password to order your products at wholesale level discounts!
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