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Testimonials (unsolicited)

I’ve been clearing out brush on and got a good case of poison oak.  Poison Oak is crazy. I hate it but love to itch it.  And, if it itches, I want to scratch it more! Now, I rub Cali Rub on it and the desire to scratch is almost instantly gone.  I also believe it helps get rid of the poison on my skin and heal it faster.

Karen B.

I’m healthy and fortunately can’t say I have pain.  I don’t use it for pain I use it for the scent.  People stop and ask me what fragrance or perfume do I use, and compliment me on the smell a lot.  Even my girlfriends love it and starting using it for the same thing.  We just love the smell.  


My job requires doing repetitive tasks with my hands, clipping with scissors and clippers.  By the end of the day my right hand really starts to ache.  I have been using CALIRUB, and I am blown away on how quickly, within minutes, the pain is gone.  Amazing.  Thank you so much!


This salve is fantastic on cuts and scrapes-healing is quick and complete. I also put a dab into my hands and rub it quickly through my short it a great scent and shine without weighting it down!

C. R.

My back pain was the result of an automobile accident several years ago. I've been to chiropractors and therapists.  Of all the treatments I’ve experienced the best pain relief has come from using CALIRUB.  I usually experience relief within a couple of minutes.  I absolutely love the smell. I find it calms me and also helps me relax.              

George B.
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