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Testimonials (unsolicited)

I have many joints that hurt regular..used many products over the years..the Cali rub has a nice light smell ..most others have strong smell.. it works quickly also gives me relief ..very glad I now have use of this cream..

Sue Miller

Smells wonderful, works great!

I’ve been using Calirub for several years since a friend gave me a sample. I use it mostly on my neck and shoulders but also occasionally lower back.
I have a compressed nerve in my neck which occasionally is quite painful & Calirub relieves the muscle tension.
I’ve used other products with some results. But Calirub works much better. Other products smell really bad, too. I don’t want the smell on my sheets or on my clothing in public. I actually got compliments from coworkers on the smell. So floral! I no longer use other products.
My husband uses it to for golfing related strained muscles. We’ve even gotten some fur his golfing pals. They are believers!
I was so happy to see them back in business after the Camp Fire.

Barbara Williams

I have a hip replacement & Knee replacement, I work retail and am on my feet for 8 hours a day and I just love Calirub! I rub on my legs and feet and I am relieved!! I don't have to take my anti-inflametory drugs anymore!! Calirub is just the best!!
I also use when I can't sleep and rub on my temples and back of my neck, works wonders!! Overall this is the best product for pain relief that I have ever used!!
Thank you CALIRUB!!

Yvonne Martinez

This salve is fantastic on cuts and scrapes-healing is quick and complete. I also put a dab into my hands and rub it quickly through my short it a great scent and shine without weighting it down!

C. R.

My back pain was the result of an automobile accident several years ago. I've been to chiropractors and therapists.  Of all the treatments I’ve experienced the best pain relief has come from using CALIRUB.  I usually experience relief within a couple of minutes.  I absolutely love the smell. I find it calms me and also helps me relax.              

George B.
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