Kim W
For the past 30 years
I have suffered from pain in my right leg. I went to a Doctor’s who never found out the cause. I do a lot of physical work, mostly in my gardens. The pain starts at the top of my hip bone and travels down to my toes. I don’t have pain during the day, only when I lay down at night to go to sleep....
George B.
Chronic lower and upper back pain.
I suffer from chronic lower and upper back pain. My back pain was the result of an automobile accident several years ago. I have been to chiropractors and therapists. Of all the treatments I’ve experienced the best pain relief has come from using CALIRUB. I usually experience relief within a coupl...
Coco B.
CALIRUB is so cool
CALIRUB is so cool. I was in Rite Aid the other day and the clerk asked me what perfume I was wearing. I had to think for a minute. After using CALIRUB to relieve my many aches and pains, I gave up perfume all together. In fact, the smell of perfume or cologne really bothers my nose now. I absolutel...
Poison Oak is crazy
I was chopping an onion and the knife slipped and cut my left index finger pretty good. Lots of blood. So, I quickly wrapped it while putting pressure on the wound. I then put CALIRUB on it. I got a piece of ice and wrapped it in a paper towel and put that around the wound. The pain was gone shortly...
CALIRUB is Great
I wanted to let you know that your CALIRUB is great for my itches. Had been scratching my forearm for a few days, and it seemed the more I scratched, the more it itched, so I rubbed in some CALIRUB, and the itching stopped! Thanks!
Koni & Andy
My husband and I have benefited
I would like to tell you how much my husband and I have benefited from the CALIRUB you recommended. It's been so healing and helpful! My husband has neuropathy and low back disk problems causing him a great amount of pain and discomfort. He's been applying CALIRUB to his feet over the past few days ...

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