History and Certification

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CALIRUB started with my desire to  use my experience in landscaping and agri- culture to produce an organic product with an aroma from heaven that would benefit humanity and improve our well being. My research into aromatherapy and the role of terpenes in human health, fueled the process. 


My grandmother was the first to introduce me to gardening, insects, butterflies, and rich soil in which to grow these marvelous plants. I still remember  my first visit to a nursery with her. At four years old, walking down  aisles with a cornucopia of smell, I was on my tippy toes, getting a glimpse of a beautiful world surrounding me with flowering, intoxicating aromas like Gardenia with its cosmically balanced scent of heavy whipped cream, orange blossom honey, jasmine and rich wet soil.

As an adult I journeyed to several of the western United States.  (California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona). What was really most satisfying to me, no matter what my particular career path was at the time, was working without outdoor spaces to create an entourage of color that would bloom throughout the 4 seasons and provide a year round satisfying scent.

I accumulated a Degree in Agri-Business, experience working for major corporations, my own small business, as well as working for smaller companies like landscape design firms. My plant passions have always driven me forward.

How I Discovered the Healing Properties of Plants

My investigations into the art and science of perfumery taught me that what we actually smell in a plant is a terpene.  And many scientists believe that a terpene may hold the key to what makes a particular plant an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, etc. Terpenes and terpenoids are the primary constituents of the essential oils of many types of plants and flowers. Essential oils are used widely as natural flavor additives for food, as fragrances in perfumery, and in medicine and alternative medicines such as aromatherapy. 

A logical connection eventually came to my mind that was for me to use this learning for a greater good.  As the world-wide attitude towards cannabis changed from a psychoactive plant, to a medicinal plant, more focus centered on the actual cannabinoids and their different or similar characteristics. 

So, now what?  Well what was that I connected a lot of dots.  I wanted to be involved.  I wanted research with others.  How to?  That’s where I came up with the idea to make a topical pain relief salve.  Not just for pain, but for scent. Of course being the nature lover that I am, I also wanted an earth friendly product with an emphasis of organic ingredients. CALIRUB is an entourage of topical pain relief, aromatherapy and natural perfume all in one soothing product!

CALIRUB Became Very Popular!

I began demonstrating CALIRUB in natural food stores and have been overwhelmed by the positive comments my return customers lovingly communicate to me. Massage therapists, people in the medical professions, chiropractors, athletes, moms, construction workers, gardeners and so many others love CALIRUB!

How Can You be Sure That CALIRUB Contains Cannabinoids?

CALIRUB has been certified  to contain 100 mg/per unit  CBD cannabinoids by laboratory testing. 

I'm committed to your satisfaction. If you have any questions please introduce yourself by contacting me. I'm right here in Magalia, California busy on the farm, wildcrafting more CALIRUB. In the meantime check out our Facebook Page CALIRUB Club

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