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FREE SHIPPING lower 48 | Help your dogs or cat with CALIDROPS , a full spectrum hemp pet oil. Add a few drops in food or water and you'll notice the calming effect. Dropper bottles come in 1, 2, and 4oz sizes 

Suggested Use:  Start with 2 drops per 10 lbs every 6-8 hours. Slowly increase CALIDROPS as needed. Light: 2 drops. Medium 4 drops. Strong 8 drops.

Ingredients: Organic Full Spectrum Hemp infused in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. per fluid ounce. USA Farm Bill of 2018, compliant. 

* We recommend that you check with your veterinarian before using this product.

Customer Reviews

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Dawn Owens
Excellent for anxious/abused dogs.

Forgive this long review but some amount of detail is vital so you can understand why I'm so impressed and why you should give Calidrops Pet Oil a try.

My partner and I adopt dogs with behavioral problems due to abuse and one of them has ongoing issues we suspect may be neurological. She's our toughest case; an 8lb Affenpinscher named Tallulah who spins and snarls like that cartoon of the Tasmanian Devil. When we first got her she spun and snarled for the entire 4 hour car ride home (during which we feared we may have made a terrible mistake by adopting her.)

Needless to say, this behavior is extremely stressful for both of us and the 2 dogs we already had when we adopted her.

Tallulah has since made tremendous improvements, only spinning 3-5 times a day instead of 20-30 times per hour (and yes we counted) but any stress causes her to revert right back to that snarling spinning devil. Grooming is a huge stressor for her; she absolutely despises being groomed in any way and she's one of those dogs that has hair which means it's constantly growing and she needs regular grooming.

Every trim session lasts 2-3 hours and it's completely exhausting and terrible for her health because all that spinning and snarling causes her heart to race. There's also the strong possibility that I'll get bitten during one of her spins; it's happened before, not because she's aggressive but because she's so deep into her spin she's completely out of her mind and if I put my hand in the wrong place (and it's VERY hard to catch her once she's spinning), I just might get the teeth.

A friend sent us some Calidrops Pet Oil and we decided to try it out and see if it would help.

About an hour before I wanted to groom her I dosed one of her treats with 5 drops of Calidrops Pet Oil and she happily gobbled it up. She was nice and relaxed about 15 minutes in, but I still waited until an hour was up because I wanted to make sure she was good to go.

She spun out fewer times than she usually does during a grooming session and I was able to calm her a lot more easily. In a completely shocking turn of events, she actually laid down several times and allowed me to cut her hair! That has NEVER happened before in the nearly 6 years that we've had her. She's usually either spinning and snarling or she's trying to climb up me to press her face into my face, which makes it challenging to trim her and quite dangerous if she should suffer a spin out while that close to my face.

I was SHOCKED that she actually just...laid down. Right on the floor. Chilled out and let me cut her hair. She has never ever done that and I can't tell you how monumental that is. At one point my other half was standing outside the bathroom door and he was so worried about the silence that he cracked the door open to make sure we were OK. He was absolutely shocked at how calm she was being (and how little cursing I was doing!)
We also have two other dogs, one of which dislikes storms. She shivers and hides under furniture anytime there's bad weather. Since we live in Louisiana, storms are common and the poor thing is just a mess during any kind of thunder or lightning. Prior to a big storm hitting we gave her a treat with a few drops of Calidrops Pet Oil on it and when the storm started getting loud, she was just chilled out on the sofa. No shivering, no whimpering, no hiding under furniture.

I can't tell you how impressed I am with this product and how effective it is at calming my biggest behavior-problem dog. The small 1oz bottle my friend sent me is getting quite a workout so I just made my first order (love that FREE shipping!) and I'm looking forward to its arrival.

Thank you, Calidrops Pet Oil for creating an all natural product that actually works to soothe my anxious dogs. I'm a fan for life!

Krissone Bates

Works really well for our Ziggy.

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