CALIRUB Green Topical Pain Relief

CALIRUB Green Topical Pain Relief

Calirub | Topical Pain Relief
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Enjoy organic, lab tested full spectrum hemp CBD relief with CALIRUB balm ( USA Farm Bil 2018 compliant ) with a heavenly scent! . Massage into problem areas as needed and repeat as necessary. Discover its added moisturizing effects in 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 oz. sizes! . 

We blend CALIRUB Green with 10 essential oils and organic beeswax to create a heavenly scent with the benefits of aromatherapy healing. The formula is made to penetrate the skin and deliver pain relieving CBD to muscle and tissues.

    • How to Use

      Apply externally. Re-apply as needed.

      Massage CALIRUB into your sore muscles or apply to your minor scrapes and cuts after thoroughly washing. After a good workout at the gym,  treat your sore muscles to a relaxing massage. Take CALIRUB Green salve with CBD with you everywhere you go to ward off insects while camping or on a nature walk. CALIRUB provides long lasting moisture to soften and nourish your skin, even those rough callouses!


    100 mg CBD from lab tested full spectrum organic hemp and Organic olive oil, USDA Certified Beeswax, USDA Certified Lavandin, USDA Certified Lemongrass, USDA Certified Sweet Orange, USDA Certified Scotch Pine, USDA Certified Patchouli, USDA Certified Clove Bud, Organic Gardenia Enfleurage, Wildcrafted Allspice, Wildcrafted Bay West Indies, Wildcrafted Elemi.

    USE: Topical application: Cautions: Reconsider using this product if you are allergic to any of the following ingredients.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Gabriel Goulart

    The best...l don't know what l would do without it

    Sonja Duerr
    It works wonders

    I love Calirub. A cashier at my local grocery store recommended it and this product really works. My recent purchase was for my mom who suffers from numerous back issues she loves it too.

    Lizabeth Swope
    "RUBs" in All the Right Ways...!

    CaliRub-Green... Not only does it relieve my chronic knee pain,.. it offers a Harmonious blend of herbs and oils that delight my senses!
    High Vibrational Aromatherapy (as a bonus feature!)
    Great for "gift giving", in a variety of sizes.

    Louis Caraballo

    Works great

    Dawn Owens
    Spicy scent, incredible results

    After seeing the nearly-miraculous results the Calidrops Pet Oil had on my anxious, abused rescue-dogs, I was eager to try the Calirub Green Essential Oil Topical.

    The scent is an interesting blend of essential oils including the *one* essential oil I absolutely despise: Patchouli. I'd rather smell a skunk than smell Patchouli so I was verrry nervous about what this would smell like. I'm pleased to say that I can't pick the Patchouli out of the mix so it must be used quite sparingly, which is good because it's a very strong, distinctive scent. Instead of it smelling like Patchouli it just has this unusual "spicy" scent with no noticeable Patchouli note. The blend of oils used kind of cancel each other out to create something else that's completely unique.

    Also: I am asthmatic and extremely sensitive to scent but I did not experience any wheezing when using this product.

    Working in a big box warehouse type store means I've constantly got a few random aches and pains happening, especially in my feet (concrete floors = ouch!) My wrists were hurting when this got delivered and after other rubs had limited results, I applied some of this rub to the achy parts. Within an hour my wrists were no longer aching and by the next day the ache was completely gone.

    I've also used this on my knees, neck, legs and feet and Calirub is soothing and eases the pain no matter what's hurting. The relief from Calirub is so fast and long-lasting that a little bit goes a long way. I've been happy to recommend this to coworkers when the subject of aches and pains comes up (and let me tell you it's a constant topic of conversation in our breakroom at work because there is ALWAYS something hurting when you work on concrete floors in a warehouse.)

    Try this ONE TIME and you'll never want to use anything else because it's just that effective. Take a chance, you will not regret it. This stuff is legitimately amazing and I'll never be without it.

    Welcome Newcomer