How I Chose the Scents for CALIRUB Topicals

A friend of mine called the other day to tell me about a walk she recently took with her friend.  It had just rained and the air held that crispy, clean, fresh smell. Like a relaxing tonic yet invigorating. As they walked, her friend suddenly stopped and asked what was that other wonderful scent she was smelling?  There were no new flowers in bloom and spring had not yet emerged. It was quickly realized that those intoxicating overtones, earthy yet floral, spicy yet sweet, were from the CALIRUB my friend had used! And yes, people use CALIRUB for an effective relief from pain yet keep using it for its indispensable quality as a magical fragrance perfume and aromatherapy!

Scents Have Provided a Healing Influence on Humans since Ancient Times


Our Ancient ancestors used the art of scents from essential plant oils in religious rituals to induce certain moods and chase away “evil spirits” (negative moods). These fragrant essential oils were also extracted to use in perfumed creams, toiletries, and cosmetics to help attract mates.



Gardenia, one of our most prestigious essential oils in the CALIRUB blend, is processed using the “Enfleruage” technique and originally developed in southern France in the 18th century. As a totally organic process, it is still considered the best extraction way to reach a fragrance saturation from Gardenia. Although very expensive, the only choice for our Gardenia was an enfleurage.



 Essential Oil Scents Can Encourage Pain Relief

Because of what I learned about scents prior to creating CALIRUB, I knew that a fragrance, essential, or volatile oil also has many healing effects. But what I didn’t really think about was how odors communicate directly to the brain, through the scent sensing nerves located in the nose, known as our olfactory system.

Information through scents is transmitted directly to our brain area known as the limbic system where the amygdala, (located deep within the brain's temporal lobes), helps regulate emotional responses which in turn create moods and disorders such as learned fear, anxiety, and depression. Our emotional reactions to pain can either create anxiety and more pain or help us reduce pain. The amygdala can create relaxing effects which stimulate the production of pain relieving endorphins or can enhance stress hormones which make pain worse. When we inhale a scent, it communicates directly to the amygdala and is capable of creating a negative or positive emotion. Thus linked to intensify pain, or lowering pain, based upon a scent.

The Nose Knows About Scents

I chose the scents in CALIRUB by using my nose and my reactions to the scents I detected. I knew I needed a combination of warm and cooling oils. The “Yin and Yang” concept where opposite or contrary scents can be complementary and interconnected. The bonus of this decision is a popular scent enjoyed by men and women alike!

My first step was to study the works of French perfumist, Septimus Piesse. He was the first to classify odors of essential oils by their evaporation rate. He related these classifications into notes, much like the notes we associate to a musical scale: Top, Middle, and Base (Bass) Notes. He labeled this an “odophone”.




Top Notes

In the Piesse system, an essential oil classified as a Top Note is a “first impression” scent. Examples of these in CALIRUB are Lemongrass and Sweet Orange.  Lemongrass is considered to be heavy with a smell like lemons but sweeter. Sweet Orange smells like orange peel but more intense and concentrated. Top Notes are usually uplifting and invigorating!

Middle Notes

Middle notes tend to last a bit longer prior to evaporation. Some of our notes are even a bit more complex. Instead of being classified exclusively as a “Middle Note”, we have essential oils classified as top to middle and middle to base. Our top to Middle notes is Lavandin, light with a sweet floral aroma. Our middle notes are Allspice, (spicy and warm), Bay West Indies, (masculine and herbaceous), and Scotch pine, (strong and penetrating). The middle to base notes are Clove Bud, (spicy, woody with a slight fruit note), and Elemi, (peppery with a spicy woodsy note). Middle notes typically are warm, relaxing yet can also be uplifting.

Bass or Base Notes

The Powerful Bass Note. A base note unites everything and provides a base, a fixed element. In this context, I use Patchouli as our base note to fix the top and middle notes to stop the evaporation process occurring in the top and middle notes. Patchouli, with a rich, sweet, dark, earthy and woody scent, is thought to keep pessimism away, reduce negative feelings, and repel “evil powers” what we might call “bad moods” today.  It has a long history of use as an aphrodisiac. Some believe it can help rekindle desire due to the rich, earthy and relaxing, aroma. (Yes, apply it after a nice bath and before bedtime!)

Perfect Note or Osmically Correct Notes

Our osmically correct essential oil is Gardenia Enfleurage.  Gardenia is considered osmically correct in that it is classified as a top, middle, and base note. It can be applied “neat” on your skin while 99% of all other essential oils have safety issues due to their concentration, typically never recommended to use at full strength on your skin. In aromatherapy Gardenia can induce feelings of deep attraction by smell alone, sooth irritability, and is an aphrodisiac.

Holistic Pain Relief by Design

CALIRUB was created with a holistic goal in mind. Completely natural and plant based. In order to feel confident I could achieve this my last concern was safety. I rely on what I call the bible of aromatherapy safety; Essential Oils and Their Safety, by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young- Second edition. It gave me a great respect for the powerful actions of essential oils, their compounds and constituents including their toxicology. Our blend of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp, infused in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then blended with our 10 essential Organic and Wildcrafted oils, along Organic Beeswax, follows all recommendations to eliminate any chance of toxicity.

Years of research, care, and concern has gone into the making of CALIRUB. For those looking for pain relief you will appreciate the added benefit of aromatherapy. CALIRUB. A scent that is quickly being recognize as a classical perfume!

Stay tuned for my upcoming series on the individual oil profiles of CALIRUB, their properties and why they are effective in relief from pain. Don’t forget to put CALIRUB in your nose.  It’s thought to be an anti-viral. Stay Safe and Be Well! – Xena, Founder of CALIRUB




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