CALIRUB News for 2021 From Xena

The Story of a Traveling Jar

I remember the Dr. Seuss Book, “Oh the Places We Will Go?” Do you?

“Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away!”-Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!  

My sister gave that book to me as a wedding present, many years ago, and I find myself thinking of it when I think of CALIRUB. Especially when I look at the places my humble healing balm traveled in 2020-Wet and Wild Oregon, Cool as a Cucumber Washington, High and Dry Idaho, Forever Far Out Nevada, Clean Air Idaho, Wild Texas, Desert Land of Arizona, Balmy Beach Florida, Farmlands of Kansas, Peach Tree Georgia, The Virginian Virginia, Blues in Missouri, and all over Krazy California. Ok. I know. I made up their new names, but I think you can see CALIRUB did go places!  Even some international travel to the countries of Holland, England, India, and the Philippines. But the coolest part is how CALIRUB actually got to these places. I am so happy to say I have you to thank for some of these adventures.

Searching For Relief and Finding CALIRUB

It’s rare to meet someone who is not dealing with some sort of physical condition relating to pain or inflammation.  Even rarer is to meet someone who is not dealing from some form of stress. The seekers of pain relief are someone just like you, who love CALIRUB and then shared it with their friends and family. In turn, their family and friends shared it with their family and friends. Watching our customers share CALIRUB with someone who needs pain relief, or help to deal with stress, is incredibly gratifying and it really encourages me.  I’m amazed thinking about how many people love CALIRUB and their incredible testimonies on how CALIRUB has helped them.

Healing My Community After The Devastating Camp Fire

Our stress started with the devastating 2018 Camp Fire, then involvement in the 2019-2020 PG&E Chapter 11 Bankruptcy mess, and of course, who could ignore the world virus and lock down in 2020.  Wow.  Still all seems like a strange combination of the “Twilight Zone” or maybe the “Disaster Industry” on steroids.

I gave more than a few jars away after encountering a town of fire refugees who just needed a helping hand. The aromatherapy alone brought smiles to weary faces. I’m still thinking of ways to make contributions. It was difficult to start over but I still had my CALIRUB recipe locked into my head so I started over from scratch. My customers and fellow fire survivors inspired me to "Never Give Up".

A Thank You Update for Our Dedicated Customers

Aside from you, my trusted customers, and your support of CALIRUB, I count my first blessing that we are still here and moving forward in a positive direction. Here is a small list of blessings that you have contributed to, whether you know it or not.

#1. We have a new, fully integrated website that showcases all our products. It is easy to navigate and has integrated free shipping to all 50 States. It makes my job, of responding to our customers so much easier!

#2. A lover of CALIRUB can subscribe and receive our latest promotions. Coming soon is our new “CALIKit”. Think of it like an introduction to all that CALIRUB offers. An All-In-One entourage of a Topical Pain Relief | Organic and Wildcrafted Perfume | (and) Aromatherapy.

#3. We have a new “Blog” with 3 posts!. Although we are experiencing challenges from Facebook, (I’ve been locked out of our @CALIRUBClub page), we're moving forward to explore other means of communicating and educating our customers as to how and why CALIRUB is an effective alternative to help with pain management.

#4. Our site has dedicated distributor section and we are offering our a suggested initial “Distributor Kit” to help new distributors get started. Our cherished distributors can go online and place their own order. How cool is that? Sign up for our mailing list so you can keep current.

Change Forced Me to Become Stronger

You, dear customers, contributed to  the process that is making me tough. (ok, maybe tougher?)

I'm beginning to believe I am tough but I still complain a bit. I certainly miss doing pop-up demo tables at New Earth Market in Chico, California.  I miss being able to visit new places to introduce CALIRUB.  I think of this as a rough way to learn to think outside of our challenges.  Like; Boldly Go Where No (Wo)Man Has Gone Before!

Again, I thank you, for keeping your commitment to share CALIRUB! We are now in a position to do  less expensive and more creative “Guerrilla” marketing and reach out in unaccustomed ways.

#1 Our supply lines have changed.  I used to be able to order and have complete confidence of supply and demand with confidence. I now wait weeks to have my demand. The exact opposite of what I was educated about in college regarding supply and demand. 

#2 Thanks to independent benefactors we are moving forward. Those that supported CALIRUB after the 2018 Campfire, and beyond. You know who you are. You are appreciated and I will defend your privacy. For you all, I am eternally grateful.

Searching for Alternatives, Finding it in Your Own Backyard

CALIRUB has been advertising in our local outreach magazine called “The Lotus Guide”. Due to the latest lock downs of small business we are all suffering to keep moving forward. Including the Lotus Guide.

The editor is Rahasya Poe. He is a beautiful soul, inside and out. My first article that appeared in Lotus Guide was co-written by myself and my nephew. We wrote this as part of our announcement to surviving the Camp Fire of 2018 in Butte County, California. Click here: Our second article, Published here

I spoke with Rahasya today and in his kindness he will help us to continue to advertise in his magazine. Our mutual consensus is that we all need to move forward in any way we can to support each other. CALIRUB will be able to continue advertising to our Northern California network. Thank you so much Lotus Guide.

The People Who Believe in CALIRUB Soldier On In 2021

Despite the fact, according to many friends and family, that I talk too much and am too passionate about too many issues, I manage to get good energy from my family and friends AND our core group of CALIRUB devotees.

So what happened to the story of a jar? The answer? It is still traveling and bringing new healing opportunities to people everywhere.

Special thanks go to Ann,(s), Leslie, Deb, Emil, Sandy, Joanne, Donna, Kraig, Scott, Dan(s), Daniel, Bret, George, Genesee, Rebel, Sequoyah, John, Dave, Cheryl, John(s), Kathy(s), Kat, Angie, Glori, Kristen, Melissa, Isaac, Deborah, Deb, Brenda, Patti, Nancy, Justin, Kevin, Kimberly, Denise, Pastor Kevin, Sandy, Shell, . . . . If I forgot to mention someone, you are still cherished as a friend of CALIRUB.

I know that you all share in our tough times and remain dedicated.  Here’s a wish for you and yours the best in health, wealth and happiness for 2021! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite stanzas from the poem, Don’t Quit by John Greenleaf Whittier

“Success is failure turned inside out- The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell just how close you are, It may be near when it seems so far; So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit- - - It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.” 




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