Magalia, CA

August 18, 2018

CALIRUB is pleased to announce our participation in the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 582, Annual FUNDRAISING EVENT on Saturday, August 18, 2018. Please check out their announcement below for location in Magalia.

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It should be a lot of fun. A Battle of the Bands? I’ve heard their will be 12 bands so many dancing too? It really sounds like a wonderful outing for your family and friends.

Their Mission: To provide grass root programs and services to all Veterans and their families. To develop and provide family oriented programs and events for Veterans and Their families. To assist disabled veterans with various stages of their disability claims and health services with The Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense

Come join us! CALLIRUB is donating 50% of our profit to this awesome fundraiser for our Veterans of Vietnam. I know I will like to thank them for their service and meet some very fine people!

See you there!

“CALIRUB’, “Rub it! Smell it! Love It!”


Greenfire Chico, CA

May 5, 2018

Our first event was held on May 5, 2018 at GREENFIRE HYDROGARDEN & ORGANIC SUPPLY, at 2725 Hwy 32 in Chico, California. GREENFIRE holds this event yearly as their “Customer Appreciation Day” by inviting their suppliers of quality organic nutrients, soil amendments and much more where people can visit their booths and receive free samples of lots of products. It was a great turn out! CALIRUB was there and gave out over 150 1/4oz size containers of our Gold and Green Formula! The folks at GREENFIRE – CHICO treated everyone to a delicious Mexican food lunch and music that made me want to dance!

I met so many people that loved the smell of CALIRUB and were so excited to use a product for topical pain relief. I don’t think I talked to anyone who was not either in pain, or had a loved one that they wanted to share our rub with.

Thank you so much GREENFIRE – CHICO, for inviting us to the show and giving us the chance to share CALIRUB with people dealing with pain and various skin conditions. Mason, the store Manager, is a sweet young man who treats everyone kindly and with respect! All of his employees are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

We were also invited to their next show at their sister show, BARE ROOTS, May 12, 2018, in Redding. Hope to see you there!
Lastly, the exciting news is that GREENFIRE – CHICO is in the process of becoming a distributor of CALIRUB. If you’d like to try it, go to GREENFIRE – CHICO and get your CALIRUB – Heavenly Scented – Topical Pain Relief today! Xena, Founder and Creator of CALIRUB

BareRoots, Redding, CA

May 12, 2018

Hoorah! Our second show was even more awesome than the first. It was in Redding, California, May 12th, and hosted by BARE ROOTS HYDROPONICS & ORGANIC SUPPLY, 1615 E. Cypress Avenue. I met Jason, their Manager, (1615 e. Cypress Avenue, Redding, California) and a bunch of knowledgeable and helpful employees. Great food and music too!

This show, CALIRUB was able to provide over 250 ¼ small containers of our Topical Pain Relief, except this time people were trying it out on the spot. We received so many positive responses from folks who were actually getting relief from pain right there.

I haven’t received our pictures back yet, but I’ll post them soon! Thank you all for considering CALIRUB for your next ache, pain or owie! Go, Go, CALIRUB! The rub you love to rub. Xena, Founder and Creator of CALIRUB

(P.S. – We will keep you posted of our next scheduled show. We are shooting for the much anticipated Grand – Re-Opening Party at Jacki’s Hilltop Café in Magalia. From the looks of the restaurant, the remodel and repair due to their fire last year is almost complete. It will probably be outdoor barbeque, antique car show, music and a small group of folks who bring products to sell! Thank you again for all your support!

Pictures will be uploaded soon